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Coffee at work when you don’t have access to a real coffee machine.


My name is Simon, and I am a coffee snob.

I love coffee. Sometimes I believe that it is the only thing that gets me through the workday… so when I find more information about how I can make better coffee, with tools I can use at work, then I think that I should definitely take the time out to read it.

Check out the Lifehacker article below for ways of making better coffee at work (and/or at home if you don’t love yourself enough to own a real coffee machine):

Dropping the Drip: How to Get Started Making Better Coffee


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How dependant are we on GPS technology?

GPS Satellites
I recently discovered, in a Gizmodo Article about GPS Jammers, just how dependant we (as a modern society) are on GPS technology and exactly how simple it is to disrupt it.  The obvious victims of a GPS outage are navigation systems and mobile phones, but other impacted systems would include power grids, air traffic control, and bank ATMs, just to name a few.

For more information, check out the link to the Gizmodo article below:

GPS Chaos: How A $US30 Box Can Jam Your Life


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