How to start a YouTube clip from where you want to start it

So, there are times when you want to share a segment of a YouTube video with friends for laughs but you want to skip to where the fun starts.

To do this, just append &t=3m14s to the video’s URL and the video will start from the 3:14 mark in the video. The following is an example of disturbed Cosplay fans in an episode of the Phillip DeFranco Show started at the 3:14 mark:

If you have embedded a YouTube video to your site, you can use the start & end parameters in the src URL of the object.  However, the values for start and end times need to be converted from seconds (eg 3:14 becomes 194)

The following is an example of the same video (embedded), started at the 3:14 (194) mark and then ended at the 4:41 (281) mark:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="420" height="315"></iframe>


Many thanks to the following sites for this information:


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