LucasArts sold to Disney for $4 Billion

So, as some of you will have already read, George Lucas has recently sold all of the rights to  LucasArts and all of it’s subsidiaries to the Walt Disney Company.  For more details on this, please check out the LucasArts, Everything Star Wars Sold to Disney article (at and/or watch the interview with George Lucas & Kathleen Kennedy as they talk Star Wars and Disney.

A lot of people of talking about how this is either a massive sell out for the Star Wars franchise, that Disney will destroy Star Wars.  I, however, think that it is the best news in a long time for Star Wars fans.  Having George hang up his Writer/Director/Producer/Creative Despot boots one and for all means that there is new hope that for a franchise that has struggled with fans in light of the most recent three movies (Episodes I, II & III).  I know that George had a story that he wanted to tell, but because he had too much control with the most recent trilogy, he had no one truly grounding him with a lot of his “creative decisions”… in my honest opinion.

Episodes IV, V & VI had George coordinating with directors that would challenge his vision, and therefore helped him create a better movies (yes, we will avoid discussing Ewoks, thank you very much!).  Now that he is “retiring” from the franchise, and that Disney has stated that there WILL BE and Episode VII, there is an opportunity for new directors, writers, and producers to come together and produce a truly balanced third trilogy.  Of course, there are no guarantees, but at least there is a possibility of this occurring where there was no chance previously.

It also means that Disney will want to make their money back and therefore should be releasing a significant amount of product under their newly acquired franchise.  That means more Star Wars, which can’t help but make the fans happy.


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