Sony X Preview of the new Sony 84″ KD84X9000 4K LCD TV

Sony Bravia 84" LCD TV

Being a member of the Sony X Team definitely has its perks. One of which was an invitation to tonight’s preview of the new KD84X9000, which is Sony’s new 84″4K LCD TV.

So, my first response to hearing that there was such a thing as an 84″ TV was, “Why?”  I am a proud owner of a KDL-46NX810 Sony Bravia LED TV which was an out of this world Christmas gift from my amazing wife, a couple of years ago.  At the time, this TV was top of the range, and did everything short of cooking you dinner and giving you a foot rub.  It was (still is) a pretty big TV, with a great picture, whilst not becoming the most dominant thing in the living room.

However, after watching tonight’s demo of the KD84X9000, I have to say that I am pretty darn impressed.

I spent most of the demo crouched (there were no seats and crouching provided a better viewing angle) less than 2 metres away.  We were actually encouraged to move closer to the screen… and for good reason too.  The picture was incredibly sharp, even that close to the screen, with the colours being very vibrant.  All of the demo footage was at 4K resolution, which utilised the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution beautifully. Complex imagery was displayed in such detail that you felt like you were missing things towards the the edge of the screen for being so close to it.  This TV gives you the impression of closest thing to having an HD iMax screen in your living room.

To give you an idea of the scale of this TV, I was able to capture one of the images from the demo itself:

Representation of TV scale

The TV will upscale Blu-ray HD video, which should display nicely but nowhere utilises the screens full potential.  Even though we didn’t see it, I shudder to think what a Standard Definition channel would look like on this behemoth…

Sound was delivered via two stereo side speakers (which come included with the TV) that provide pretty impressive sound quality.  It is a leap forward from the the rear-of-unit speakers that most Bravia TVs sport (which provide a very weak stereo experience).

The TV is 3D capable, but no demonstration was available tonight due to a lack of appropriate demoware.  However, the TV will support the upcoming Sony Playstation 4, with it’s ability to display the next generation of console games running at 4K resolution.

So, at the current price of $24,999.00, this beautiful piece of technology may be a little outside of most people’s price limit (or in my case, it is in a completely different galaxy to my price limit!), however it is state of the art hardware which will only be retailed by Sony themselves.

My wife now knows what I want for next Christmas… 😛

I would like to extend my thanks to the Sony X Australia team for my invitation, and to the staff at Sony Centre Brisbane for looking after us.


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