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Black Adder Goes Forth – Coffee

Now that we are working out of a smaller office, with a fair possibility that coffee supplies may run low at any given time, I always think of this Blackadder episode when I offer to make coffee for the guys… 😀


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EatDrinkGoldCoast Review – Barefoot Barista

Well, I have written my first Cafe review and it is now posted up at EatDrinkGoldCoast.

Ally, from EatDrinkBrisbane, recently moved to Canada and asked if any of her Twitter followers (of which I am one) would help contribute to the site by submitting reviews.  I put my hand up but, since I am living on the Gold Coast now, most of my reviews will probably be on restaurants/cafes down there.

Please read, and if you have any feedback, feel free to comment!

Barefoot Barista –  EatDrinkGoldCoast

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