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Rebuilding Your Online Presence

This is a great article over at Lifehacker Australia about how to clean up your online representation and then expand your online presence in a more professional manner.

How To Clean Up Your Online Presence And Make A Great First Impression | Lifehacker Australia.


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Leave a comment is a US tech startup who is using gamification to bring high-speed 2D and 3D applications to web browsers, utilising the GPU for graphical efficiency… all using the next generation of javascript.

The actual live demo of the Periodic Table can be accessed here.

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A great guide to Facebook Privacy

I know that a lot of my friends are concerned about their privacy when it comes to Facebook… and so they should be.  Facebook has been consistently guilty of making it complicated to lock down your privacy settings, even to the point where some of us more “IT savy” individuals even struggle with it at times.

The writers over at Lifehacker have put together a great updated guide on dealing with your privacy settings on Facebook.  Have a read and lock your Facebook profile down!

The Total Facebook Privacy Guide

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How to start a YouTube clip from where you want to start it

So, there are times when you want to share a segment of a YouTube video with friends for laughs but you want to skip to where the fun starts.

To do this, just append &t=3m14s to the video’s URL and the video will start from the 3:14 mark in the video. The following is an example of disturbed Cosplay fans in an episode of the Phillip DeFranco Show started at the 3:14 mark:

If you have embedded a YouTube video to your site, you can use the start & end parameters in the src URL of the object.  However, the values for start and end times need to be converted from seconds (eg 3:14 becomes 194)

The following is an example of the same video (embedded), started at the 3:14 (194) mark and then ended at the 4:41 (281) mark:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="420" height="315"></iframe>


Many thanks to the following sites for this information:

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Share links between your browser & your smartphone!

So, I was reading through Lifehacker today (as I normally do most days), and I came across an article on Site to Phone – a service that allows you to share links between your browser and your smartphone.

This is installed on your browser either via an Chrome Extension/Internet Explorer Accelerator add-on or a bookmarklet (any browser).  To install on your smartphone, you need to navigate your phone’s browser to a provided URL and bookmark it. You are identified via an ID number but if you struggle remembering the number or want slightly better security for your shared bookmarks, you can setup a login/password using an email address.

When you are on a page that you wish to share with your smartphone, click on the bookmarklet, or select the “Send page to phone” item in the context menu (provided via the extension/add-on), and a link to the page is stored as a redirect from the page that your smartphone’s bookmark points to.  Simple!

For more information, check out the link to the Lifehacker article below:

Site to Phone Shares Links Between Any Browser and Your Smartphone

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